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How It Works

Step #1: We remove your cabinet doors and handles and bring the back to the shop. we then clean your cupboard doors and box frames thoroughly with a degreaser, ensuring any dirt has been fully removed. This step is critical for the primer or sealer to properly adhere and remain strong so that your refinished cabinets don't start to peel.

Step #2: After cleaning the cupboard doors we sand down the entire door and cupboard box using 220 grit to rough up the surface to once again maximize adhesion for the primer or sealer. After the doors have been sanded we take a special tool to clean out any sawdust that gotten trapped in the corners and edges. If any debris is left over it can come out of the cracks and get into the freshly sprayed finish and create an unsightly rough finish.


Step #3: Apply the base coat. For re-staining kitchen cabinets we use a stripper to remove the existing finish and as much of the stain as possible before applying the new stain and a vinyl sealer to seal the cabinet door. When we paint your cupboards we don't strip the doors, instead adding a solvent based primer to prevent any wood tannin from coming through a showing up in your freshly finished paint job.

Step #4: Sand down the base coat to ensure that any irregular surface bumps have been removed and that the surface is flat and smooth. Similar to step 2 all debris is removed before spraying the top coat.


Step #5: Spray the top coat. whether is a clear or pigmented top coat we a minimum of 2 coats, sanding between each coat to ensure the surface remains flat and smooth. After the final top coat has been applied the doors and cabinet boxes are left for a minimum of 24 hours.


Step #6: Once the doors and boxes have cured we re-assemble the kitchen adding any new hinges or handles at that point. We add clear 3/8 bumpons on the doors and drawer faces to protect them as they open and shut. 


Cabinet Renewal:  


Renew your existing cabinets and make them look great again; This process includes cleaning of the cabinets, followed by a light sand. The next step is to match the color on your existing stain and then use that blend and hide any worn out areas. Once that has been completed we add 1 coat of wood sealer to protect and minimize the grain in the wood rising followed by 2-3 coats of finish (Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, Matte)

Cabinet Painting:

Make your cabinets look great again by having Timeless Wood Refinishing paint them with our solvent based products. You can choose any color you like from greys to browns and follow that up with 2-3 coats of finish with the sheen (Shine) level you want. When it comes to cabinet painting we start by thoroughly cleaning the cabinets, followed by a light sand. We add 2-3 coats of primer to block wood tannin from bleeding through and showing spots in your beautifully finished work, then paint the desired color followed by the finish coat.

Cabinet Re-Staining:

Make your cabinets modern again by having Timeless Wood Refinishing re-stain them with our top of the line products. You can choose any color you like from expresso to country red and we’ll start by stripping the cabinets and sanding them back to a bare wood state. We then apply the stain of your choice, then spray a wood sealer and 2-3 coats of finish with the sheen (Shine) level you desire.

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