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My name is Tom Miller and I started Timeless Wood Refinishing 7 years ago. To date Timeless Wood Refinishing has refinished several hundred kitchens as well may other projects such as table sets, hutches, chairs, sewing machines, baby cribs and many more

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Why Choose Timeless For Your Project

- All Work is sprayed using a screw compressor and a high end filtration system, removing any oils or potential contaminants from the paint.

- All work is sprayed in a proffesional paint booth, ensuring that any dust and minor dirt will not land in the finished work and create an imperfection.

- Over 10 years of finishing experience.

- Attention to detail, ensuring your work comes out with a factory like finish.

- 5 Year warranty on workmaship.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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